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Bathroom Renovation: When it comes to renovating a bathroom, the choice seems to be infinite. The choice of materials and finishes will depend on the available space and the budget, as much as on the personal taste. In some older homes, particularly so in small Victorian residences, the original bathroom occupied a very small space. Some of these bathrooms didn't even have a sink.

Curb Appeal: It is common knowledge among Realtors and majority of home owners that the first impression is extremely important. We strive to give our houses an inviting look making sure the front door is handsome, and entry hall is well organized and decorated. But the true first impression happens well before the visitor steps over our threshold. It is our front yard that provides a glimpse of what lies ahead, and sets the mood of the prospective buyer.


Decorating with Light: It is not easy to create good lighting for our homes. Natural light is one element - the number, size, and location of windows, however, is neither easy nor cheap to change. In most cases we have to work with what we have, playing with variety of window coverings, and augmenting with light fixtures.


Front Hall: In real estate, as well as in a day-to-day life, it is important to have an attractive and inviting hall. The hall is where we receive guests, and where the first impressions of the house are made. It is also important, though, for the house inhabitants to be greeted by pleasant surroundings every time they open the front door. The size of the hall will dictate its function and decoration.


Home Storage Ideas: If you are like me, every now and then you may find that clutter is getting in your way, and preventing you from being expedient in your everyday tasks. Of course, the most important time for dealing with clutter is when we intend to list our homes for sale. A cluttered home looks and feels smaller, and does not show its best. The prospective buyer will not appreciate your granite counter if it is obscured by a number of small appliances, cutting boards, cookbooks and other items that we regularly use in the kitchen.


Kitchen Renovation: Whether you are a dedicated cook or a casual, occasional one, kitchen has always been the best place to invest your renovation funds. Not only it is the room where the family gathers at meals, but also the most active location during any party. And, apart from that, a well renovated kitchen usually guarantees a quick and high sale in today's frantic real estate market.


Landscaping Increases Value: When you purchase a new home in a new development, it comes, most of the time, with a bare piece of property covered with sod. Very often even fences are not provided, and the backyards blend together in a monotoneous way. It would seem that a new home in a new neighbourhood would be hard to improve to make it possible for its value to increase quicker than the neighbourhood average. There is, however, a cost-efficient way to raise the value of your new home by spending some money and effort on landscaping.


Living in Small Spaces: Busy real estate market in Toronto caused boom in condominium construction. Many of the constructed apartments are geared to investors or first time buyers, and are very small. With the prices per square foot rising from below $200 to, depending on location, $350 and more, the only way to provide affordable condos was to cut down on their size.


Radiant Heat Brings Comfort: The idea of radiant heat is an old one. Ancient Romans used warm water to heat their stone floors. But only in recent years this idea became popular with the home owners in Toronto. South of the border the system of heating floors to provide heat to a home is more popular, and, according to The Home Service Store, such heat is comparable in operating costs to forced-air systems.


 Recovering Renovation Cost: When planning renovation we often wonder what part of our cost could we eventually recover when we sell. It is important to remember that in majority of cases we plan renovation for our own comfort and enjoyment. Our home, however, is not only our shelter, but also our investment. Therefore we should plan the renovation carefully, and spend our money wisely.


Roofing Ideas: When we talk about housing, we often mention "roof over our head". The roof is, certainly, one of the most important parts of any home, protecting the rest of the structure from water damage. During the last decade the quality of roofing materials and techniques improved greatly, and it is not uncommon to have a roof that will last, without damage, for a quarter of a century, or even longer.

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