How to Prepare for a Showing in 10 Minutes or Less

When you decide to put your home for sale, your objective is to get the highest price possible. To achieve this, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your home sells at top dollar.

But, you also have to be ready to do a quick clean up should you get the call that an interested buyer wants to see it and they are in your neighbourhood right now!

Don't's a quick list of the essential tasts to complete before you hear your doorbell ring.

1.   Put dishes in the dishwasher (or wash)

2.   Make all of the beds

3.   Wipe the counters

4.   Hide dirty clothes in the washer

5.   Empty the garbage

6.   Take a deep breath

7.   Run a quick vacuum

8.   Turn on all of the lights

9.   Leave the house

10. Smile. You did it!

This is also a handy checklist to use for preparing your home for an open house.

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