How to make your home seem WARMER with out jacking up the heat! Cozy design tips for this winter!

When you first walk into a home, you want it to feel warm and inviting...Especially over the holiday season. To create this "cozy" atmosphere everyone yearns for after  coming in from the cold, here are a few little design tips from LHL DESIGN  to help you and your guests stay warm this winter!
Warm colors + inviting accents + a few decorations here and there +and textured fabrics= a lovely state of enjoyment, I like to call "COZY".  Here are a few simple and cost effective ways to create your own equation and warm up your home this holiday season, without touching the thermostat!

Cozy Home Decoration Ideas
  • The first thing that comes to mind, when we think of cozy home decoration is the color scheme of the rooms. The 2010 Fall trends indicated warm browns, purples, deep reds and in more general terms, heavy, warm undertones. This is the BASICS for creating a warm, inviting and lived in home...and the most powerful! Even if you are renting, or do not want to paint, just painting one feature wall in the 'family room' can create a completely different dynamic of a room.
  • Come winter time, the throws come across the sofas, the fur pillows are placed amongst the quilted, cotton ones, and we just want to dive under the blankets and never come out. In other words, make use of variety of textures- use soft and fluffy pillows, chenille, fur or knit throws, and soft big cushions make the room look inviting.
  • In a room that has hard surface flooring, such as tile, wood, an area rug as an accent under the focal or center of the room (whichever is more suiting)....IE. the coffee table, dining room table, sofas, etc...this not only literally adds warmth, but definitely defines the spaces, and makes the space seem more grounded and purposeful.
  • For lighting, try to use soft incandescent lights and place them on dimmers of possible. Dimming lights create a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Candles are a great accent to add to this. Nothing is better then a great company, a glass of wine, and a burning candle close by!
  • Side table lamps with upholstered shades are also a fantastic way to achieve warmth in a room. A great trendy tip is to use shades that create a pattern on the wall when on! They can cast shapes, shadows, and colours onto the walls, just choose wisely!
  • Last, but most important, ensure your furniture is arranged in such a way that the fireplace AND television are focal points. If it means moving a few things out of the room for the holiday season, or adding a few pieces of furniture...whatever the case, nothing says warmth like a fireplace!

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