Increasing your curb appeal

It’s all about first impressions. Your home has a personality. Let it shine with simple updates that can take your home from nothing special to eye-catching.

First, head out to the driveway or street and look back at your house. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Would you be interested in buying your home with its current outside appearance?

Your home’s  curb appeal is what sparks buyers’ interest. Make sure yours makes the cut with these simple tips.
Front Entry: Your front door is your home’s statement. Keep it uncluttered and seasonal. Accent your front entry with urns and change their contents with the seasons. Consider hanging a decorative wreath and updating your hardware, door mouldings and/or accent trim. These little touch ups can make a huge difference. Also, using an accent shade for your front door, window wells, garage door and/or shutters can add interest to an otherwise bland home. Colour is in. Try something daring, like a red door, to refresh your home’s look.

Create Symmetry: Just as symmetry in facial features is a mark of beauty, as is balance when it comes to your home. An urn on either side of the door, plantings outside the windows, solar lights along the walkway all contribute to your home’s balance and beauty. Make sure any eyesores like chipped paint, weeds and dirty windows are given attention.

Lighting: It sets the mood and illuminates your home for passersby to see. Choose your lighting carefully. You don’t want too much or too little. Try pot lights along the walkway, lantern sconces on either side of the door or a grand piece hung in the centre of your front porch. Remember to keep your lighting up to date with current trends while still maintaining the style of your home.

Landscaping: Landscaping can really pack a punch. Your property is the frame for your home. Whether you go for the plush perennial look, or the straight-cut minimalist approach, maintaining your yard and gardens gives your home the framework to shine. Begin with the basics.

Fill in empty holes with a mix of low-lying deciduous and evergreen shrubs and accent with evergreen trees to add height and  year-long colour. Keep the edges of your gardens sharp and use rock and/or wood accents to add textural interest. Remember to plant for all seasons. You don’t want your burst of colour to flower and then flop. Balance your plantings with spring, summer and fall bloomers. In addition, patios, fencing, walkways and driveways give your front entry a clean, polished look. Make sure they are in good condition and clear of debris.

To sell your home, you have to get the buyers inside first. Great curb appeal will have potential buyers begging to see what’s inside.I

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