Internet Safety - Strong Passwords

We all logon to multiple sites. It is well known that most people  choose simple passwords that may be easy for a hacker to guess, such as friends or family names, place names, or dictionary words. We compound  the problem by choosing such a password and using the same one on multiple sites, such as:

  • ·         Email
  • ·         Facebook
  • ·         Twitter
  • ·         LinkedIn
  • ·         Company websites
  • ·         Our own websites
  • ·         EBay
  • ·         PayPal
  • ·         Online Banking
  • ·         Credit Cards (e.g. American Express)
  • ·         Loyalty programs
  • ·         Travel Sites (e.g. Travelocity)
  • ·         Phone (landline, cell) & internet provider
  • ·         The list goes on…

On some of these sites, you’re asked to provide answers to “secret” questions (mother’s maiden name, etc).  Once a hacker gets in to one account, they are into all (including answers to “secret” questions).  The next step is often identity theft.  Recovery form identity theft is a long and process, quite often fraught with thorny legal problems.  If your bank card or credit card is stolen, it takes one phone call to remedy the situation. However, if you have not safeguarded the PIN number, the protection evaporates.

Please have a look at the following two videos on creating strong passwords. The Identity you save may be your own.

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