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Blair White      
AmeriSpec Home Inspections   
Owner/Operator Home & Commercial Inspections

PHONE  (416) 738-3784  



How do you describe your business – your 30 second pitch?    


Amerispec Home Inspections Toronto East & Scarborough is a locally owned company specializing in inspection services with lots of value-added for our clients. We offer a complete inspection package conducted by very knowledgeable inspectors, including a great looking presentation binder and a custom report that lets clients know we're here to support their buying decision. Your home is our priority.    

What motivated you to start your business?    

Having always had a drive to learn, take courses, and reach for something better, I've taken my passion for building construction and renovations, and eventually reached a point in my life where this path became evident.    

How long have you been in business?    

3 Years as the local franchise owner for Toronto East and Scarborough.    

What motivates you to go to work every morning?    

Mainly it is my family that motivates me. I want my daughter to learn that many obstacles can be overcome through learning and perseverance. Every day is a learning experience for me in this business and the opportunities to educate myself are endless.    

How does your business reflect you as a person?    

As a hands-on, do-it-yourselfer, homeowner, and part-time home renovator on my own homes, the business is really an extension of all the learning, cuts, falls, bruises and broken tools that were experienced along the way of becoming a certified home inspector.    

Describe a typical workday.    

Early mornings start with a coffee. Typically, that's when a plan starts to get written out for the day after checking my schedule. Planning is integral to keeping on top of the business and is taken seriously.    

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?    

Many skills are needed daily to balance the needs of work and life however, the biggest skill anyone can have in operating a business is being on top of things on a daily basis which requires great multi-tasking abilities. Secondly, the ability to chat with people to lead them to believe you are worthy of their trust and finally, the ability to make good financial decisions which entails negotiating, budgeting and spending in the right places.    

What parts of your job do you find most challenging and how do you overcome them?    

Most challenging in this position is getting the word out across the industry amongst the thousands of agents while up against hundreds of inspectors to use AmeriSpec's services. Patience, strategic spending, laying the groundwork on a long term marketing strategy and personally speaking at as many engagements as possible are big factors in being competitive in the highly competitive Toronto market.    

What parts of your job do you find most enjoyable?    

The most enjoyable aspect of this position is meeting potential buyers of a home, or a person in need of services where they're not sure about what the problems are. The congratulatory handshake at the end of an inspection is the most satisfying part of being a home inspector.    

How many hours do you work in a typical week?    

60 to 70 hours a week on average.    

How do you describe your clients-what do they want/expect most and how do you deliver?    

My clients are anyone involved in a home buying or selling situation - buyers, sellers, family, real estate agents. They expect a fair and honest opinion from their inspector but they also expect the opinion to be communicated in a professional approach - the need to establish a trusting and honest relationship immediately is important from the first handshake. It's that image of a hard-working inspector and a firm handshake that I deliver in the first 30 seconds. Oh - and be on time! Ive missed one appointment in 3 years - only due to an accident. Arriving when I say I will has been a huge boon to this franchises success.    

Why do your clients select you over your competitors?    

Most customers come from word-of mouth through past customers. It's my belief that the strong report writing skills and the quality report output have been keys in retaining loyalty from past clients who tell their friends.    

What one question do you wish potential/new clients would ask?    

What are you looking for during a home inspection? The answer is Not deficiencies - the answer is 'I'm doing this with 3 goals in mind - Fire, Health & Safety for your family. If I can satisfy those 3 goals, your off to a good start with this home.'     

Any new services we should know about?    

Mold testing was recently introduced with the Toronto East & Scarborough franchise.    

Any specials we should know about?    

AmeriSpec is well-known for the marketing partnerships we're able to maintain with the Brick, Merry Maids where we offer discounts. We're continually working on these programs and each year updates to our package occurs. Who knows what's up for next year!

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