Staging your House

Does Staging make a difference?  This home was a blank slate.  Although the floors were upgraded and it was clean and tidy, there were no pictures on the walls and no added accents to make it show its very best.  With just a few details added, this family room shines, and feels warm and inviting.


 The opposite can also be true where a home can have too many things to look at.  Getting your home ready to sell often means you need to pack up the extra furniture, and personal belongings so that the buyer can see the room and not be distracted by your things.  This also means taking the "YOU" out of your house. If you have lots of personal pictures, it might be time to pack them up, or if you have a huge collection of teddy bears, etc., now is the time to put those safely in storage so buyers see the house, not your collections - Afterall it is the house that is for sale.  

If you need help with staging  there are lots of professionals out there that can help you, or look to the internet for tips. Incorrect or ineffective  staging can be worse than no staging at all.  It doesn't have to cost a lot of money, sometimes just a good clean out is enough to do the trick.


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