Swine flu and Real Estate

Some people have asked me if the Swine Flu / H1N1 has affected the real estate market.  Nope!!!....not really. Although when meeting clients and showing property nobody wants to shake hands or get too close.  Its kind of weird if you ask me.  I think our society is desensitizing.  The need to make someone feel comfortable about their transaction is becoming a thing of the past.  Clients want facts and they want efficiency in the transaction process.  Our job as Real Estate Sales Reps is to find the deal and close it.  KISS was introduced to me a long time ago..I think it was in high school? Keep It Simple Silly!!!!!

Regarding the Vaccine:  I can't make a decision whether to take it or not... This is probably the most indecisive occasion for me.  What would you do?  The media has me confused.  How about you?

In the mean time if you need facts about real estate and live updates...contact me....there is no uncertainty there!!!

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