To Grow Your Property Value, Plant a Tree


As it turns out, trees are important to the worth of your property and can raise your home's value by more than $19,000.

It just makes sense (and dollars) to plant a tree to grow your property value, while you also get to enjoy the other benefits trees have to offer.

plant a tree to grow home value

Here's a quick roundup of note worthy posts about the benefits of planting trees to grow your property value.

Grow your property value by planting a tree (MoneySense)
Can a tree really increase value? The numbers may surprise you.

How Trees Can Boost a Home's Sale Price (The Wall Street Journal)
In a study, homes with "street trees," those planted between the sidewalk and street, sold for $7,130 more, on average, than homes without street trees.

Keeping cool and seeing green - tree planting conserves home energy use (Trees Ontario)
Trees offer homeowners more than landscaping aesthetics; in addition to beautifying our communities, trees reduce local air pollution, have the potential to mitigate storm water damage, and reduce homeowners' electricity costs.

The Best Trees to Improve Property Value (Garden Guides)
A house can have a higher market value when it is put up for sale if it has an attractive landscape that includes healthy and attractive trees.

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