Top 5 tips to SELL YOUR HOME

Many people think that just hiring any agent and having your home on MLS will cause it to sell....well WRONG!!!! here are the top 5 ways to sell your home:


1- Hire the RIGHT agent. Research and interview several agents. Hire them based on their skills and value, NOT what they charge. You want a knowledgeable, well spoken, diligent agent.  Discounts agents can cost you far more than you save.

2- Price your home RIGHT- Pricing you home above market value in most cases will hinder your sale. You have the attention of buyers for about 14 days once them home is on the market. Price it wrong and you loose your audience once the price is finally right. Listen to your agent and have a comparative market analysis done to price your home according to MARKET value.

3- Stage it- Make you home a model home. De-personalize, de-clutter and organize. The home should appeal to all buyers, no mater age, religion, etc. It should be inviting and smell great! Hire a professional to get this job done, as it could increase your selling price up to 8% and cause your home to sell in half the time!

4- Clean it- Clean, clean clean inside and out. No garbage around the house, trash bins empty, etc. People will open your cupboards, make sure behind the doors are neat and organized.

5- Pre-Inspect it. Make sure that there will not be any surprised when the buyer does a home inspection. You can have your agent to a pre-inspection to the best of their ability, or you can hire a professional. A professional inspection can run you $250-$450 depending on the size of the home. But it could save you thousands and a huge headache.


For any further questions, please contact me. I am an Interior designer and stage my clients homes for free. I add value and get you top dollar in no time!

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