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Leah Brisdon

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When you are buying or selling a property, finding the right agent to navigate the process can be as easy as calling LEAH BRISDON!!


No one else can get the job done more efficiently than Leah. His knowledge base of the the Real Estate market combined with his dedication to his clients is unsurpassed. Leah has a proven track record, with 1000's of satisfied customers. Why look any further!!  Leah Brisdon is YOUR man of action and will make the process of buying or selling your next property as easy as 1-2-3!


Full support office staff to ensure your next home buying and selling is made easy!


Leah and his team look forward to talking to you today!



CALL LEAH TODAY 306.227.8980


About Leah

Leah has lived in Saskatoon his whole life, allowing him a unique look into the many changes the Saskatoon Real Estate market has made over the years.  Leah started his office in Caswell Hill to be closer to his roots, to be able to connect with community more closely and to stay connected with a vibrant environment. Leah is a man of action, he's not going to tell you just what you want to hear, he's going to share his knowledge with you, in order to help you make an informed decision. Leah is straight up and honest in all aspects of his personal and professional life.  

Leah has been updating his technical skills lately and embracing the latest technology in order to improve his skill base for his customers. The "Team Leah" staff are also busy planning community activities to help support local groups and charities around the city!! Go Team Go!!

Find out about ALL our latest activities on our facebook page at      http://www.facebook.com/leah.brisdon


Achievements & Awards

Description Year
CENTURION® Team 2013
CENTURION® Team 2012
#12 Individual Issuing AIR MILES 2011
Double CENTURION® Team 2011
#12 Individual Issuing AIR MILES 2010
CENTURION® Team 2010
#16 Individual Issuing AIR MILES 2009
CENTURION® Team 2009
#20 Individual Issuing AIR MILES 2008
#4 Team by Units 2008
#8 Team by Production 2008
Grand CENTURION® Team 2008
#3 Team by Units 2007
#9 Team by Production 2007
Grand CENTURION® Team 2007
#3 Team by Units 2006
Double CENTURION® Team 2006
#3 Team by Units 2005
Double CENTURION® Team 2005
#10 Team by Production 2004
#4 Team by Units 2004
Double CENTURION® Team 2004
#3 Team by Units 2003
#6 Team by Production 2003
CENTURION® Honor Society Team 2003
Double CENTURION® Team 2003
#3 Team by Units 2002
#6 Team by Production 2002
Double CENTURION® Team 2002
#3 Team by Units 2001
#5 Team by Production 2001
Double CENTURION® Team 2001
Masters Hall of Fame 2001
#5 Team by Units 2000
#6 Team by Production 2000
CENTURION® Team 2000
Masters Diamond Club - Maintained 2000
#3 Team by Units 1999
Masters Diamond 1999
#2 Individual by Units 1998
#4 Individual by Production 1998
GRAND CENTURION® Producer 1998
Masters Ruby 1998
CENTURION® Producer 1997
MASTERS Club 1997
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