Improve Your Neighbourhood with a Great First Impression

You can’t beat a good first impression! It’s an important factor in trying to sell your home and one that is emphasised over and over again. I want people to be WOWed from the moment they walk through the front door! Well actually that’s not necessarily true. The majority of Buyers have visited your home before they walk through the front door. They have driven through your neighbourhood, down your street and often parked outside your house and taken a good look. If that first impression is good enough then they will generally make that call and arrange a viewing. Of course you never know how many potential buyers you lost as they never made the call or took a step inside your home!!

What can you do? Take a look at your house from the curb. You can’t really change the neighbourhood or get your neighbours to tidy their places up (or can you?), but you can make sure that yours shows to its upmost. Standing in front look for all the things that could be done. Depending on the time of year yards are often covered in leaves or lawns need to be mowed, the last thing a potential buyer wants to associate with is a whole loads of work, pressure wash your siding, move garbage cans out of sight, paint/repair steps, paint the front door, clean windows. One idea that I love is flower tubs, sure you have to pay for them but they leave with you when you sell!! You do not have to spend a whole load of money just invest some time and effort. Perception is so important, if a wobbly steps or dirty siding is apparent then it is perceived that the property might not be as well maintained as it should be.

Earlier I mentioned if you could make your neighbours tidy their own places up! Mine can, every time the guy next door mows his lawn it makes mine stand out so I have to go and cut mine, grrrrrrrrrr. Power wash your siding and ask if they want to use the power washer while you have it rented. Your being friendly and if they do it can only improve the appearance of the area.

Look at what your selling as a complete package. Let people be WOWed from the minute they pull up to your home!!

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