20 New Ways to Avoid Hibernating in the Winter! From a Northerner's perspective

Challange yourself to participate in activities to keep active in the winter. 


  1. Go winter bird watching
  2. When ice fishing, run from one hole to the next
  3. Revive the art of couples dancing - ballroom, swing and Latin
  4. Put on music and dance while dusting and vacuuming
  5. Build two big snow forts, then have a snowball fight
  6. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  7. Play a game of tug of war in the snow
  8. Have winter treasure hunt
  9. Play follow the leader outside in the snow
  10. Have a snow sculpture making contest with prizes for everyone
  11. Have a game of curling in your driveway. Make ice blocks by freezing water in plastic containers
  12. Run to the school bus stop with the kids
  13. Build snow tunnels in your backyard
  14. Ski to the corner store
  15. Do tricep dips on the bottom stair
  16. Use paper plates and skate around your kitchen floor
  17. When out walking, choose more challenging route with hills and obstacles instead
  18. Have a snow angel competition to see who can make the most in the least amount of time
  19. Create an indoor bowling alley
  20. Play horseshoes in the snow

**List received from Alive + Fit wellness magazine. List compiled with the asistance of reader's across the North.

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