Choosing dining room furniture that offer both function & versatility

Brampton Guardian

In most homes, the dining room is the place where families and loved ones gather to celebrate special occasions and share meals.

This means it has to be a space that is not only comfortable, warm and inviting, but also functional as well as accommodating. Here are some things to consider when deciding on how to decorate and furnish your dining room:

Quality equals longevity: A dining room set is something you’ll have for a long time, so quality will be just as important as function. It has to meet your needs as well as last for years to come.

Consider how many people you want to seat and do you need room to grow? If so, get a table with an extender. How big is the room? You don’t want a table that’s too large and takes over a space, and do you have kids? If so, glass may not be a good choice but maybe some durable wood like oak or maple, which also gets more rustic-looking as it ages.

Chairs: Most dining room tables come with chairs, but nowhere does it say you have to buy a set, especially if you’ve found a great antique table. However, if you choose to buy them separately, make sure you measure the height of the seat of the chair to the height of the table to make ensure that when seated, people are at an appropriate height.

Other dining room pieces: If you entertain often, you may want to buy a side buffet table that goes against the wall or a hutch, curio or china cabinet if you have special dishware, collectables or linens you want to store or display.

Once you have your table and chairs, you can begin accessorizing. These could be pieces that are decorative and functional such as accent tables, lamps, rug, blinds or drapery and a chandelier.

 source:Brampton guardian