When you think of a second hand store, the thought of an old, dingy dimly lit space comes to mind with an assortment of rags hanging from clothes racks.

Have you been to the local Value Village lately?  This store will change the way you view second hand stores.


For over 60 years, Value Village has been offering second hand retail to local communities, which has had a positive impact and has changed the market place.  One of the core beliefs of Value Village is to recycle and reuse to create a more sustainable world.

The impact of Value Village has created a benefit to our community in three very special ways.


  1. SOCIAL: The social impact of your donations to Value Village is huge.  For every item donated, a non-profit partner such as the Diabetes Association receives payment for the weight of goods received.  Other groups supported by Value Village include people with disabilities, at risk youth, war veterans, and people with chronic illness.


  1. ENVIRONMENTAL:  People everyday donate items that include; furniture, household goods, books, toys, clothing, electronics, garden accessories etc.  These items are given a second chance to be owned by someone else.  This is beneficial to the environment as much of the items are kept out of landfills


  1. ECONOMIC:  Value Village is a ‘for-profit’ business, which pays taxes, which help fund police departments, schools, road improvements, and other government projects.  The economic impact of public donations does not stop within Canadian borders.  In fact, through the reuse and recycling program, goods that don’t make the cut for resale in Canada, get shipped to Third World countries overseas.  This aids in helping to create jobs and help small businesses around the world.


Value Village is an excellent addition to the Markham neighborhood as it supports local non-profit organizations.  It creates opportunities and gives back to our community.


As Real Estate professionals, we often come across families who are moving and have a lifetime of goods accumulated.  Take the time to remind them of making donations to the local Value Village.  They can kill two birds with one stone in that they can effectively declutter without having to throw useful things out and their contribution will be going towards an amazing cause, which will benefit our community.   

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