Canada Day 2014 - A Little Different Than The The Norm

Yesterday morning, Canada Day, at exactly 4:44 A.M. I was awakened by a phone call.  It was the City of Melville callling asking me if I was available to help sandbag around our Hospital/Home facility.  The message relayed to me was that the excessive rain waters we have experienced lately in our area was causing a very serious problem, threatening our intergrated health care faciltiy..  I was there in approximately fifteen minutes and the sandbagging project was well under way despite me being one of the first volunteers to arrive.

What impressed me that morning was the volunteers who began to arrive just minutes after I did.  Within minutes, very early in the morning on July 1st, there had to be hundreds of people there.  Committed to the cause of saving  our area's most important health facility. There were people, in my estimation, who were as young as five years and as old as eighty five years young.  From every walk of life, every shape and every ethnic group. All committed to the same goal.  And they won.  By noon word was out that the Hospital was going to stay dry.  We had won the batte with the water.  Still some of that war left with the flood waters in our area but at least headway has been made.

Yesterday may have been the hardest I have ever worked on Canada Day but it was one of the best.  People working together. From every age group and every walk of life.  Well done Melville and area.  This Canada Day was a perfect example of why we live in the very best province in the greatest country in the world!

Len Wassill

Len Wassill

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