Business by referral... what makes me different?

As you may or may not know, traditional real estate agents spend 80% of their time searching for new business from the general public, which means they have little or no time to serve you during the transaction; they’re just looking to find new business.

My business is almost all by referral. What I do for you is invest my time consulting, negotiating and overseeing your transactional details, so you have a quality experience that causes you to want to recommend my help to the people you care about most.

The purpose of my business is referrals, which means I must bring the type of value that makes you feel comfortable introducing me to the people you care most about.

After all, a referral is sending someone you care about to someone you respect. It’s a great way to live and a better way to run a business.

Want to know how I do it?  Let me buy you a cup of coffee and I am confident you'll enjoy what I have to offer right down to the last sip.

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Lenny Wells

Lenny Wells

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