YAY! It's Fall!!

Rich! Vibrant colours!!

Crunchy leaves!

Fall suppers!




.....leaves to rake!

Gutters to clean!

Weather stripping on doors!

...and the list goes on...


Don't be!

Robert H. Schuller says, 'Inch by inch anything's a cinch!'

Start with a list. (I love lists!)

Write down everything from cleaning the garage to finding the mitts!

Now assign A,B,C etc to the items.

Start with your A's.

Number them in terms of importance and, yes..weather!

Weather stripping may be necessary but can be done when it is snowing whereas raking leaves cannot.

Now..take the items one at a time.

Focus on that.

When it is done. Tick it off!

Feeling of accomplishment!

Will you get everything done?

Maybe not but you will have accomplished the most important!!

Good luck! ...and remember to take time to just listen to the leaves!

Life's short. Enjoy!!