That Thorny Question

That Thorny Question


This could be you or someone you know. I've noticed that some people who are still in the house where they raised their families (even long after the kids are gone) are reluctant to think about leaving their home.


They may be unconsciously experiencing a grieving of the loss of that busy time! Even thinking about leaving the home is upsetting. One of the early stages of grief is denial, hiding from the facts! It may be that the house is just not serving their needs anymore but they don't want to think about it. Some may feel angry at the thought of moving on in life. This too, is one of the stages of grief! It can take time to move through the stages of grief, but recognizing that that is what you are experiencing can help you to keep moving through the process into taking action and starting a new phase in life.


If you are only one or two people living in a larger home, it's probably time to think about whether your current home is meeting your needs. Maybe you just retired or your last child just got married or there's been a change in your health but something has got you thinking "is this still the right home for me"? Imagine a home where you had a smaller yard with a patio but no grass to cut or where someone else had to maintain the pool but you got to use it. Perhaps you don't care about a yard at all because you want to be able to lock the door and take off traveling on a whim. Maybe you'd like to downsize to free up some cash so you can afford to travel. If you've been living alone in your home for some time maybe you want to change that and have easier access to a social life while having your privacy when you want to. Has your health changed? Is the large home just getting to be too much to care for? Think about your current lifestyle and how that might change in the future.


Try to keep an open mind not only to new housing concepts and ideas but also to areas in which you might live that you wouldn't have previously considered. I'm trying to get people to think about where that next home might be because I've seen far too many older people feeling stuck in their homes because there is just too much work to be done to get it ready to sell and they often feel buried in a life time of accumulated stuff and more importantly because they don't have a clue where else they might live as they've never considered that before.

Ask yourself; "Why am I still in my current home"? If you can't come up with a good answer that you actually believe yourself, then maybe it's time to consider moving on or at least starting to investigate the possibility.

If you're at that point, let's talk! I could help you think through the ideal location and style of home that would work best for you. I can also give you advice on what improvements you might consider to make your home easier to sell. The transition is a process of preparing your current home for market while you investigate where you would like to live, and I can help you with both.

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