Is Virtual Staging a Good Idea?

Vacant Picture* - Before

Virtual Staging Picture* - After

Some home staging companies have started using vacant pictures provided by clients and enhancing them by inserting images of furniture and accessories.

I definitely think that "virtual staging" is a great idea for a vacant property listed on MLS. Some potential buyers have a difficult time picturing how furniture will fit in a room. They often miss seeing the potential of a space or how it can function well with their daily routine. 

The majority of buyers look online first before going to open houses or calling their real estate agent to arrange a viewing. With virtual staging, home owners are able to grab the attention of buyers and make a great first impression. 
The only possible area of concern I see is if it is used to hide defects or if the images somehow mislead buyers. However, it's prudent of any buyer to see a home with their sales representative and schedule a home inspection as a condition with any offer to purchase.