Spring is in the Air!

The warm weather has already descended on Kingston (cue the applause), and the time has come to do some home spring maintenance work. Not only will this help you sustain the state of your property but it can also add major selling value to your house – a well-kept and manicured home has a better chance of attracting potential buyers as well as garnering you offers that are closer (or even exceed) your asking price.

If you’re looking to take on some home spring maintenance work (or to create work for a friend or loved one), then consider going on a tour of your property and take note of any repairs or cleaning that is required. Winter may have wreaked havoc on your yard or the structure of your home, fence, and more, so make a list of home spring maintenance work that is needed to get your home in tip-top shape. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer and try to look at your property through their eyes. Identify what would make you hesitate in making an offer on the home and then find a way to correct those problems.  A little "TLC" can add curb appeal.

When you decide to list, call Scott Blair at Century 21 Limestone Realty to help you get the fastest possible sale at the best possible price!