The Future of Kingston

The future of a city is not in its economic or political structure or even in its growth of housing and industry-although these things are certainly part of what makes a city great.

My belief is that the future of the city is in the children and young adults and how we as a community encourage them to grow and participate.  The most ordinary happening becomes the most extraordinary.  Young adults who freely enjoy their education and are thrilled to be part of the extra curricular activities that give them confidence in producing the school play, the sports team, the music adventure-this is the future of the city.  These same students who grow outside the educational environment in community activities involving leadership, participation and demonstrating skills they have worked at learning and enjoying...the list is endless.  Karate, sports, music, environmental concerns, entertainment,  interaction on all levels of positive growth.

Kingston has an amazing balance of offerings.

We must not forget that along with the each activity there most certainly will be found one or more wise and caring adult to encourage our future.