The "White Elephant" Put to Rest

The infamous roof! I'm so done with this roof! The gathering of quotes continued...

When I finally received quotes I was slightly stunned. Of course I was expecting it to be expensive because of all the aforementioned concerns. However, I was not expecting $30,000 expensive! The quotes came in at a whopping $24,000 and $32,0000. I think not.
Now I'm starting at the beginning. However, my husband is now getting a quote. He is the Coop Coordinator at his school and has a student placed with an employer that does roofing. I bet, because of their working relationship, he will provide us with a good price.
While this marathon of a situation has played out, I have formed a connection with the contractor building the new apartment building directly next door to ours! We chat and wave each time I'm checking on things at our place. He has his crew up on scaffolding doing the roof for that building - and sure - he is happy to provide us with a quote, too.
I'm optimistically hopeful. LESSON LEARNED: it is best to have a personal connection with the contractor or company giving the quotes.