9 things that can make your house more valuable

A recent US report identified nine attributes which would make a house more valuable.

While some I don’t think apply - at least not yet - to Canada in general or Ottawa in particular including being within a mile of where surf-able waves happen, living near a Walmart, and having solar power installed, some do apply.

 Living within 500 yards of parks, open spaces, including golf courses and green belt can significantly increase the desirability, and therefor price, of a house.

 Property values go up if you are able to stroll to schools, stores, parks and restaurants.  This is especially noticeable in neighborhoods like Westboro and the Glebe.

 It is perhaps a sign of the times that an in-law suite, granny flat, or separate rental unit can significantly increase values and may produce a secondary source of income.

 Trees are a valuable asset and facilities like close-by community gardens can add value.

 An interesting finding was that proximity to a professional sports facility can raise property values, but only once they are built and operational.  Something to consider if you are thinking about a property close to Lansdown Park or the Canadian Tire Centre.

 If we accept that increases above average reflect demand above average, we can only conclude that we are trending towards a greener society where we can walk to the store or school and enjoy the great outdoors in one form or another.

 What do you think adds value to your particular location? 

What sort of neighbourhood would you want to move to? 

Or are you in it already? 

How important is proximity to a good school?

Is being close to a hospital important?

Please let me know what you think is important


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