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The spring market started later this year mostly because of weather and we were not sure what kind of year it was going to be. The last two months have been really busy and many of the homes that were on the market over the winter have been sold. With all the transfers in and out of Ottawa - military, government and business, there has been a healthy turnover of homes.

There are different markets all across Canada and even across Ottawa. Check out this graph from CREA (Canadian Real Estate) News. It’s not hard to see that there was a dip in sales last fall and that the spring market is now in full swing. If you want to find out more go to the site below or check it out on my web site.

If you have concerns about what is happening in your neighbourhood, please call or email. We can let you know what has been selling and how long houses in your area are taking to sell. It is really an excellent time to move – especially if you are moving to a more expensive home. Let us know if you are considering a move and we can explain the benefits of doing it now or we can discuss the best time for you to move.


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