You've scoured the market and can't find what you want. Maybe it's time to visit several builder model homes. Do your homework- carefully check the finishes in the model, speak to the builder's representative, obtain a marketing package, tour the available lots. I recommend "shopping" several builders. Compile what you have collected and compare prices, sites, quality of workmanship. At the builder's model, register your name and see what kind of follow-up you receive. This will be your most important asset, your biggest expenditure. It comes with a great warranty- make sure the builder you choose is concerned about their level of after-service. Check the builder's history with Tarion. Now, armed with all this information, the direction you take should be clear. 

Fifteen years ago, when I started my career in home sales, it was as a sales rep for a local builder. I was lucky- the builder was fantastic- they were young men taking over their father's "quality" business. They were honest, talented, innovative individuals building a fairly priced beautiful product. I always said selling this product was easy, but what made this job special was how much faith these men showed in their employees. I was trained to be the home buyer's guide- leading my client through the process with ease and education. From conception to completion, I always said, and this was "before designers". The designer, at this time, was strictly for the custom client- definitely not for the mass market. As a result, the amount of education and information I amassed during this part of my life was huge, and unique, and invaluable to my present day career.

One of the most difficult, and most often heard questions I had to answer during my new home sales career was how the client could ensure the purchase of their new home and the sale of their current home happen at the same time. I know this led to many sleepless nights for many of my clients. My advice as the builder's rep was always to recommend my client interview several real estate agents and hire the one they felt most comfortable with. I believe this is essential to ensure the smoothest transition. This process should be happy- for sure, there will be stress, but hiring a professional for your most important sales transaction cannot hurt. There will simply be too many decisions you have to make in an amazingly short period of time to do with advice.

I recall a client I worked with that was on his fifteenth home (and this was 15 "new" homes). After we presented his product and he settled in, he visited my showroom one day, and said even after fifteen, he had made some mistakes. And it just so happened one of those mistakes was one I had advised against. A mistake can definitely impact the value of this most important asset.

Flash forward fifteen years. I loved my career as a new home sales rep, but was looking for a bit more flexibility in my life, and happened upon real estate sales. This opportunity has actually been the most difficult "journey" of my life. The amount of education required for this career is immense, no doubt because we are entrusted with the sale of your most important asset. If you make a decision to purchase a "new build", I hope you read my blog, and understand the benefits you can realize when you hire a real estate agent not only qualified to sell your existing home, but also to advise on the construction of your dream home. If the best value and peace of mind are two of the goals you are hoping to achieve through this process, I welcome the opportunity stand by your side.


Linda Trueman

Linda Trueman

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