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Just like you, we at Point2 are also in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions. This year, at the top of our list was to show our agents we’re keeping our promise and really delivering more exposure and more leads for your real estate business.

And guess what? It’s just one month into the new year and our friends at Point2 Homes have some awesome achievements to announce, all related to the month of January:WebsiteTraffic_02-10_blog

  • An increase in the number of leads by 122% from January 2014
  • A growth in website traffic by almost 50%
  • Important media mentions in major publications in Canada and the U.S.
  • Almost 15,000 fans on the official Point2 Homes Canada Facebook page

If your listings are already on Point2 Homes, then you can make that “Wow!” louder. These numbers show that we’re really determined to drive more sales to you! Just take a look at what our agents can gain:

More quality leads

The fact that we’ve now passed the 2 million unique visitors milestone on Point2 Homes (and we’re very close to reaching 15,000 fans on Facebook) means that there are a lot more potential home buyers and sellers who can see your listings and your agent profile.

Many Point2 Homes website visitors take at least one step toward contacting an agent. This can be seen from the growing number of consumer-to-agent interactions. In January alone, it grew to 150,000 interactions, up 48% from the same month last year. And the numbers keep growing!

Most visitors land on Point2 Homes after running organic or brand-name searches, but we’re very glad to see a strong influx of visitors via Point2 Homes’ real estate iOS app. In January, mobile traffic was up by 60%.

And if your listings happen to be showcased through our Featured Ads service, chances are they will attract even more hot leads!

More exposure on social and online media

When it comes to securing more exposure for your listings, we’ve really tried to go above and beyond to make sure they appear everywhere buyers and sellers are looking.

At first we relied heavily on our website and listing syndication solutions, but now we’ve taken a step forward and dived into the deep waters of social and online media.

In January, Point2 Homes was mentioned in several important publications in Canada and the U.S. with stories that featured many of our agents’ listings. Business Insider, Huffington Post Canada, BlogTo, The Star Phoenix, Edmonton Sun and Metro News are just a few of the online media outlets that ran stories about listings on Point2 Homes.

When it comes to social media, we’ve started to secure daily coverage for agents’ listings (selected at random) on the Point2 Homes Canada Facebook page, which in just one year has become one of the largest real estate pages in Canada. Many listing posts and our listing-based blog articles have enjoyed tens and even hundreds of shares and likes, which testify to the website’s growing popularity and its lead-generating power.

More to come

Nobody can sum up these achievements better than our Director of Product Development, Alexandru Palade:

“From the very beginning, our goal has been to offer a great search experience to home seekers and also to connect the agents who post their listings on Point2 Homes with as many serious home buyers and sellers as possible. The recent traffic numbers show we’re keeping our promise toward both consumers and real estate agents.”

What’s more, our friends at Point2 Homes told us to expect even more great things in the future. They’re preparing an improved user interface and a new series of useful features that both consumers and agents are going to love.

If we were you, we’d make sure we got our listings on Point2 Homes as soon as possible! And when you connect with your fellow agents, don’t forget to spread the word about what’s baking here at Point2 in terms of real estate exposure and leads.

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