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Thinking of selling? Wondering what your home is worth?

Selling or buying a home is the largest transaction most of us ever become involved in. Yet people sometimes take less time over it than they do when buying a new car. That’s because it’s unfamiliar territory to many of us. We don’t all understand the process. We don’t know what questions to ask and sometimes we later wish we had known more about the process involved.

I feel it is important that you understand the procedures and documents you will encounter during the sale of your home, as well as what is involved in the transaction. Selling a home is a major event. My job is to help you to better understand the process.

I will use market research along with my knowledge and expertise to assist you in setting the best possible listing price for your home.

It is a passion and a priority that I do my best to showcase your property online. I will market your property with professional photos, a descriptive write-up and multiple social media platforms. My "client first" approach and unique marketing skills allow me to be a Top Producer.

If you would like to request an online home evaluation please enter your contact information in the COMPLIMENTARY EVALUATION link on my webpage. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential. To provide a more detailed Comparative Market Analysis, I am happy to assess your listing in person. My goal is to sell your home in the least amount of time and for the best possible price. When you want service call the Butler 250.804.7955

Advice for Sellers(The comments contained on this page are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.)

1. Choosing a REALTOR®Selling your home isn’t a simple procedure. It involves large sums of money, stringent legal requirements and the potential for costly mistakes. A REALTOR® will spend the time it takes to help you sell your home in the least amount of time and for the best possible price.
2. The Listing Agreement
A Listing Agreement is a contract between you and your agent’s brokerage company. It provides a framework for subsequent forms and negotiations. It's important the agreement accurately reflects your property details and clearly spells out the rights and obligations of all parties. 

Generally, in the agreement you appoint the brokerage company as your agent and give its representatives the authority to find a purchaser for your home. The Listing Agreement will outline:

  • The duration of the agreement;
  • Your REALTOR’s® compensation
  • The listing price and an accurate description of the property; 
  • Financial conditions of the property, including the mortgage balance, mortgage monthly payments and the mortgage due date;
  • Information about annual property taxes; and
  • Any easements, rights of way, liens or charges against the property.

Ask your listing REALTOR® about disclosure, which is a seller's obligation to disclose facts about properties for sale. The buyers will need to know material facts about the property; that is, anything that could materially affect the sale price or influence a buyer's decision to buy it. A major cause of post-sale disputes and lawsuits relate to defects and disclosure, but most disputes can be avoided if proper disclosures are made. Intentionally withholding information about a property when selling it can have serious legal consequences.

3. Setting Your Price

How much should you ask for? Although you may have an idea of how much your house is worth, it's important to have your home valued on its own merits by a professional.

A REALTOR® has the information and expertise to assess at what prices similar properties in your area have sold, and are able to help you in this regard. She can also provide information on market history, such as the number of properties sold in your community the previous month or year.

4. Listing and Marketing Your Property

If your listing is an MLS® listing, your REALTOR® will place your listing on a real estate board’s MLS®System. Through the board’s MLS® System, all other REALTORS® that are members of that board can find and view information about your property, and all have the opportunity to sell your property. Your property gains more exposure, because it reaches the majority of the real estate professionals in your community. And through, the national property website that gets more than a million unique visitors per month, your property is advertised to potential buyers across Canada and around the world.

Open Houses
Your REALTOR® may recommend an open house. There are two types. First is an agent's open house, where sales representatives from the listing company will be invited to view your house. Each of these REALTORS®may have a prospective buyer. 

The second type of is a public open house, where members of the public are invited to walk view your home. It's an efficient way to show your home to many potential buyers at once. Your agent will act as host, answering any questions.

5. Waiting For the Right Opportunity

Currently we are in a SELLERS market. Review your selling strategy regularly with your listing agent, who may help you answer the following questions: 

  • Inventory is low are multiple offers more common?
  • Is your house being shown regularly? 
  • Are you receiving the feedback from prospective buyers? 
  • Are you in touch with the marketplace? 
  • Is your property competing well?

6. Accepting an Offer

Once a buyer is found, you'll receive an offer that will:
  • Detail the buyer’s initial offer price
  • Specify any conditions that may apply or be attached
  • State desired date of possession
  • The date the offer expires

As an act of good faith, the buyer will make a deposit with the offer. You don't have to accept the offer as is. You may wish to make a counter offer that meets the original offer partway. The counter offer is one more step along the way to negotiating the final terms and conditions of the sale. 

The offer, once signed by everyone, is a binding contract. Make sure you understand and agree to all of the terms in the document. Before signing, you may want your lawyer to review it. Your lawyer should also ensure that you receive compensation for prepaid expenses such as, property taxes, electrical or gas bills, or if applicable, any heating oil left in your tank. 

After these are paid, you will receive any money you have coming from the sale. 

Other Possible Requirements

Before closing, if the buyer insists upon any conditions of sale, you may be asked to provide a number of things.

  • Real property report," showing that the house sits on the property that you own; that is, that there aren’t any encroachments onto other properties.
  • Title to the property (the buyer's lawyer will check this out when he or she conducts a title search to see if there are any liens on the property, easements, rights of way or height restrictions)
  • Especially in rural areas, a certificate for a well or septic system, stating the system meets local standards.
  • Access to the property by a qualified engineer and or home inspector.
  • We also provide a moving van free of charge to you!


Curb appeal paint door

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Upgrade

Home sellers often ask if there is anything they should do as far as staging is concerned. Similarly, first time homebuyers, perhaps stretched for funds after their first big investment, want tips on making that new house a home. Similar rules of thumb apply, so let's focus on developing the exterior beauty, roll up our sleeves and step outside:

  1. Tackle big issues first. That spot along the side of the house or garage where you keep leftover lumber, drainage pipes, or an old basketball net - get rid of it. If you haven’t touched it in over two years, discard it.
    If you have an old shed that is an eyesore to you – you know, the one you hope will grow legs and walk away - trust me when I say potential buyers have 20/20 vision and will zero in on any negatives.
  1. Get into those gardens! Dig up weeds, turnover the dirt, put nice clean edges in, and rake that garden! Trim, move, or get rid of unruly shrubs and perennials. Friends and family may be willing to donate some of their flowering perennials to your project. Also, big chain hardware stores sell their hanging baskets of annuals at half price or less. Strategically planted groupings easily add instant punches of colour to the yard.
  2. Remove outdoor knick-knacks. Curb Appeal GardenBuyers are on a mission. In the first minute of taking in the curb appeal of your property, they are going to know if they will even consider purchasing this property. Give the rest of your home a fighting chance! You may love the garden gnome, but don’t distract buyers from their mission with personal items.
    You want potential buyers to visualize themselves relaxing in the yard (with a nice iced tea). As REALTORS®, we want to hear the buyers say things like: “Wouldn’t our patio set look amazing here?" or "Oh honey, the kids would love this yard!"
  1. Shingles. If those shingles are showing wear and tear it makes it that much harder to sell your home. In fact, depending on the level of wear of the shingles, this can make your home almost undesirable since worn shingles are often related to other issues within the property. Some roofing companies offer financing through major banks, which can make things much easier on the pre-sale expenses.  
  2. Paint the front door! Front doors painted with POW colours make people want to enter! Red! Periwinkle blue! Black! Yellow! Go for it! You’re moving anyway, so you don’t have to love it. Just make sure your REALTOR® updates the photos to show off the new color!
    While you're out there, ask your friends to help and have a painting party! Touch up all window frames and wooden fences.

A bit of elbow grease and creativity go a very long way in showing prospective buyers your lovely home. So, here’s to saving money and selling your home for the best possible price!


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