Heating Season

Welcome to heating season! That means it’s time to make sure your equipment is working to its maximum potential. For the most part, natural gas fuel furnaces are a reliable heat source. Regular maintenance of a gas fuel furnace is a function of efficiency no matter what its age. A properly tuned furnace is good for the environment and will save you money on your heating bill. In some cases all that is required for optimum efficiency is a simple adjustment of the fuel mixture to make all of the difference.

Natural gas furnaces are usually easily maintained and trouble free. There are some simple aspects of furnace upkeep that you can do yourself but the advice is to leave the servicing of your furnace to the professionals. Spending a few dollars on a technician can save you money on your heating costs and can help avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Many people do not service their furnaces regularly.Resist the temptation to service yourself. Unless you are a heating technician, you will not likely detect problems in your system with great accuracy.


Lisa Moldenhauer

Lisa Moldenhauer

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