To Renovate....or NOT to Renovate?

Recently, Century 21 Canada in conjunction with Rona, conducted a national home buyers preference survey that looked at the generations’ purchasing preferences.

The millennials (known also as the children of baby boomers born between 1972-1992) and the post Second World War baby boomers (born 1946-1965) are making the greatest impact on the real estate industry today.

“Both the boomers and the millennials want move-in ready homes versus homes that require updating. Time is extremely important to people…there simply isn’t enough of it in day …they want to spend time doing what they want to do and not the things they have to.

The message that it sends sellers is that if you are thinking of selling or putting your home on the market and something needs to be done, do it before you put it on the market. Even if it something as basic as painting a room. Digital images of the property showing its curb appeal are becoming more important, and Sellers should be aware of how the home looks when presented optically.

The survey was conducted to see “if it really was about location, location, location.”  While the old maxim still applies, it is impacted by lifestyle choices to a greater degree than in the past.

Lisa Moldenhauer

Lisa Moldenhauer

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