5 things homeowners must never do during an Open House

Hosting an Open House is a great way to attract buyers to your property. It gives potential buyers a chance to visit a home that is listed for sale. It attracts buyers, who already have an agent, but most importantly, it also attracts potential buyers who don’t have an agent yet and if it was not for the Open House they might have never came in and never looked at your house, never fell in love with it and never put in an offer on it. If not for the Open House, your property would be on the market much longer. Simply put, hosting an Open House is one of the great ways of attracting buyers, by showcasing your property to the open public. But homeowners must be cautious about the Open House and must avoid these five costly mistakes that could have buyers run for the hills.

5 things homeowners must never do during an Open House

1. Don’t overpower the house with smells – There are good smells and there are bad smells. You don’t want too much of either of them in your house when you are listing the house for sale, and especially when you are hosting an Open House. Sometimes a little fresh-baked cookies or freshly brewed coffee might be a good thing, and sometimes a little of Febreze might be the better choice. In either case, avoid overpowering smells!

2. Don’t leave the pets at home – I love pets and can’t imagine life without them, but when you are selling a home, pets add unnecessary complications. If you are hosting an Open House, pets may be accidently let out of the house, may add to the overpowering smells of the house, may cause allergic reactions, and a host of other issues. Not to mention that the animals themselves might become stressed seeing all kinds of strangers coming in the house. If you are hosting an Open House take your pets with you, bring them to your neighbours for few hours, or take them to a pet boarding facility (such as your vet).

3. Don’t stay in the house – Potential buyers come in to the Open House, they walk around and attempt to imagine themselves living in this house. Most of the time they have a hard time looking pass your furniture and décor and seeing their own in their place. Why add to this scenario you and your pets? Keep it simple: stay out of the way for a few hours and let the Open House take its course. To ensure the safety of your belongings make sure no valuables are in plain sight! And let the buyers walk through your home.

4. Don’t turn on the radio or the TV – It may seem like a good idea to create some ambiance with soft music, or background TV noise, but it might raise some red flags for the buyer at the same time. What sounds are homeowners trying to disguise: squeaky floors, train tracks, the neighbour’s barking dog? Keep it simple and quiet. Let the home speak for itself!

5. Don’t block entry to any of the rooms – Potential buyers want to see all areas of the house. They will open every door, every cupboard, and turn on every light switch (they are often encouraged to inspect everything that will stay with the house, except for your furniture, of course). You should not block access to any of the rooms, storage or garage under any circumstances. If there is anything you don’t want the buyers to see, simply remove it from the house for the duration of the sale, and especially for the duration of the Open House.

So go out, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and let your agent sell your home through an Open House. 

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