Lloydminster - Parkview Popularity

Over the past 5 years the Parkview sub-division in Lloydminster has been continually growing.  In general the north east part of the neighbourhood has been a hot commodity for home owners.  Some of the homes have gained nearly 45% in market value since they were built 5 years ago.  You may ask why this is.  The proximity to amenities is the answer.  The north east corner of the community is within a stones throw of a gym, organic market, financial institutions, multiple restaurants, nightlife and fuel stations, box box and grocery stores.  Not to mention Holy Rosary High School and St. Thomas Elementary School.  Residents of the area do not have to drive to their destinations.

For example 40 Street is a quiet street definitely suitable for families.  Currently there are 5 properties for sale on that street.  In the past 6 months there have been 6 other previous sales, and the homes do not last long on the market.

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