Lloydminster Population Growth....WOW!

In less than 20 years we could double in population! 
Here is a graph below with projected growth stats for Lloydminster. It's pretty cool because as long as we have population growth, low unemployment rates, strong agriculture and energy driving our economy then we all stand to make more money because our property values will continue to increase.
Clients always ask me, will my property go up in price, and if so, how much? I couldn't find exact stats for Lloydminster (working on it) but Edmonton seen an average appreciation of 7.14%/year over the last 50 years. In the short term you will see this growth pattern go up and down but over the long term you will see steady growth.
If you take a $300,000 home and use a very modest number of 2.5% appreciation, after 5 years your home is worth $337,500! Now let's see what happens when you take a more realistic number like 4%, it makes the total $360,000! The only thing you need to do is make sure that you maintain your home, which most people do daily anyways.