Are you Show Ready?

 Getting Your Home Ready

Selling your house is stressful - even if you are well prepared.  It is important to choose and agent that you trust, and who you know has the experience and know-how to take the stress off you, and help provide you the insight to make the sale as easy as possible.  No one can predict the future, and as agents, we can only do our best, but starting off on the right note can make a big differnce - especially if your property has a more unique, or limited market.



  1. PRICING IT RIGHT – No one wants their home to linger on the market, selling a home is very stressful and keeping it perfect for showings is difficult, so pricing it right helps the house sell quicker and puts an end to all that stress! 


  1. EMPTY CLOSETS – Every buyer is looking for storage.  Keeping closets clean and tidy is important so that the buyer can see how much space is really there.


  1. LIGHTS! – Light sells houses, so increase the number of lights in the home, add lamps, and increase the wattage where you can, make sure all burned out bulbs are replaced. It's also important that you don't have lights that are different colours. Blue tinted bulbs might be your preference but they are not suitable when selling.


  1. MAKE SENSIBLE UPGRADES- You don’t have to make a huge renovation to sell your house, but a fresh coat of paint where it is required can do wonders for getting your house sold.  Fill all holes and repair cracks. Remember if there are obvious signs of repairs needed that will cost you on your offers.


  1. TAKE THE PERSONAL OUT – Where staging differs from decorating is that Staging is about making the home neutral – and de-personalized. Decorating is about making a home your own, and “personalizing”.  To sell – you want the buyers to see themselves in the space, not YOU.  This includes taking down personal pictures, children's artwork and removing all items stuck on the fridge


  1. KITCHEN – Kitchens sell homes, so updating a kitchen always pays off.  Changing cabinet hardware or painting a neutral colour is effective.  Keep all surfaces clean and dishes put away.  On your counters – less is more.  If you can put it away – DO put it away.  Buyers want to see clear counter space, not all of your small appliances.


  1. ALWAYS BE READY – This is hard – especially if you have children. You never know when you will have a showing so it is important to keep things tidy and vacuumed. If you have pets, you should make arrangements for them. A cat may not be a problem but a dog left in the house while people are coming for a showing is a problem and a liability.


  1. FIRST IMPRESSION – This is really the only impression. Make sure when a buyer comes to see the house, they aren’t distracted something you have neglected to do.  Make sure there aren’t garbage bags outside the front door, or a barking dog, or children’s toys all over the floor. Any repairs or touch ups should be done prior to listing.


  1. FIX THE PROBLEMS - The buyer will see things, so any general maintenance that has been put off needs to be addressed. Broken switches, door handles, holes in walls – little things matter, so pay close attention to the things that you’ve been living with and always planning to fix but haven’t yet got to it.  We all have those things in our homes, but now is the time to get it looking perfect! 


  1.  CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN – make sure that floors shine, carpets are clean and all personal items are safely put away.  Toilet seats should be down, and toilets and mirrors clean.  There should be no smell at all in the house. No heavy air fresheners included. The perfect smell is no smell at all.  Pets should be removed from the house, and evidence of pet ideally put away as well.


Bonus Tip: If you have hired an Agent you trust, listen to their advice. If they ask you to fix something - understand that their motivation is to sell fast and sell high, and doing those extras gets the job done. Don't dismiss the extras that can put your house over the top. It might take some effort on your part, but think of it as an investment in the bank for your new home! That paint that costs you $100 might make you $5000. Does that make it worth the time and effort???  Too often buyers want the top offer, but don't want to invest the effort to fill the holes in the wall, or tidy the garage, or paint the room that is bubble gum pink.   The money you get offered, will inevitably be reflective of the effort and time you spend preparing.  


These are just a few key tips for helping you get ready!  Let's get that house market ready!!



Taking the time to prepare your home for sale will ultimately save you time and stress and it will help you sell the home faster and get top dollar!


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