If you have been seriously considering selling your home this spring, NOW is the time to start getting things in order so you will experience that SOLD sign being posted on your front yard quickly.   Spring is the ideal time to sell your home, so when you prepare mentally and financially, you will benefit later.   Here are a few helpful tips to consider.


1.  In my opinion, hiring a certified Home Inspector now can certainly help to remove obstacles and issues when an offer on your home is presented. Especially if you own an older home.  It will save you money, time and the threat of a possible sale gone bad if you know what needs to be fixed.  And once you get the inspection report, FIX the areas that are stated in the inspection report.  

2.  Preparing your home for people to view is a very important part of the process for listing your home for sale.  And it is a major factor in how quickly you can expect to get an offer.  First impressions speak volumes  to a potential buyer and what they are willing to pay for a home.  So make a pot of coffee, grab your notepad and pen, light the fireplace and put time and thought into exactly what you see that needs to be freshened up.  In all areas of the home, not just one room.  It goes without saying that a fresh coat of a neutral coloured paint is essential.  And don't forget the ceilings.  But what about updating your bathroom mirrors, showerheads and cabinet hardware.  Maybe a new faucet.  When was the last time you updated the bathroom light fixtures??

The same goes for your kitchen.  A new faucet, lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware make a huge difference and you don't have to break the bank doing so.  If your kitchen appliances are older, consideration of replacement would be money well spent.  Remember, most homes sold include all appliances, and potential buyers are looking for updated appliances.  

3.  ALL flooring that is damaged or stained MUST be replaced.  From a potential buyers prospective, replacing flooring in a home is a major expense and could be a real negative in the consideration of your home.  


4.  Eliminate odours.  This is a huge factor in my opinion.  Get to the source of the odour and fix it.  It is very difficult to forget any odour experienced when walking in the home for the first time.  


5.  If you have signs of rodents or insects, make the call and get this dealt with.  Once again, it will save you money ad time going forward.


6.  Complete any home renovations that you are currently working on.  You must have your home looking its very best to get top dollar so don't leave this undone.  


7.  CLEAN AND DECLUTTER the entire home.  Less is more.  Clear out items you seldom use and donate them to charity.  Dispose of items that are damaged.  Spend some time in your closets and clear out clothing that is no longer worn.  If you have old furniture stored in the home, make a donation or dispose of it.  Remove personal objects as you want a potential buyer to be thinking of how THEY would live in YOUR home, not how YOU live in the home.  Clean window coverings, blinds and shades.  Clean appliances.  Wash all baseboards and mouldings.  

8.  CREATE A WELCOMING ENTRY.  Impact upon entry to any home is crutial.  Once again, First Impressions are the strongest impressions, and LESS is MORE.   Maybe the front door of your home needs a fresh coat of paint or a new door handle.  ALWAYS keep the entrance free of clutter.


9.  Home staging has become a big factor in the sale of homes in recent years.  A lot of home owners just don't have the confidence to successfully prepare their homes to look its very best.  Take time to interview a few Home Staging Professionals and decide who would work best with you, to bring your home to its absolute best.  Many Real Estate Professionals have that ability, so talk to them also.  It is all about placing furniture to maximuze space, lighting, and having rooms flow into each other.


10.  MAKE SURE SELLING YOUR HOME IS WHAT YOU WANT.   If the time isn't right, for whatever reason, maybe a delay in this decision would be best.  


 So, those are a few things I think are important.  A home is one of the biggest investment decisions most people make during their lifetime, so be prepared and take time to educate yourself.  DON'T make the mistake of thinking that your home is the exception.  It is natural for most to be emotionally attached to their home, especially if they have lived in the home for a long time.  But don't let those emotions obscure the realities of todays real estate market.  That is a very serious mistake.  You MUST price your home according to todays market, and not according to your emotional attachment to the home.  Overpricing makes selling much more difficult and less likely to happen.  


Proper preparation and planning are always the best method for success.  The process can certainly be overwhelming, frustrating, and stressful for BOTH buyers and sellers, but once a deal is done, it is a very happy and exciting time for all.   


Ok, get to work.  There is lots to do.  

Lorna Ray

Lorna Ray

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