[Video] When is the best time to sell your home?

Hi, I'm Luc Bouillon a Broker with Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. I Live and work right here in the city of Barrie.

I have clients call me all the time and ask, when is the best time to sell my home?

The answer to this question is simple supply and demand, which is why I have to shake my head when I hear other Realtors tell people to wait for what they call the "spring market".

There seems to be a general consensus out there that waiting for the spring market, because that's when all the other homes go on the market, must be the best time to sell.. but when have you ever known supply and demand to work that way? When has doing what everyone else does ever gotten you top dollar for anything?

The spring market is phenomenally busy in the real estate space, and when the snow starts to melt you are going to see all kinds of for sale signs pop up around your neighborhood and if they are done right they will absolutely sell, but all that increased competition gives the buyers the power and the ability to negotiate. Nobody is going to pay top dollar for your home when your neighbor's house or a house down the street is for sale for less.

A good agent will get you a fair price, so if you decide in the spring that situations have changed and you need to move quickly, we can still help you, but you don't want a fair price, you want the best price and for that you need a strategy.

Step 1 is to list in the winter months when supply is lower, buyers are still looking all throughout the winter and contrary to popular belief homes actually sell faster and for more money throughout the snowy months because buyers can't find what they're looking for so when they do they're willing to pay for it. Sellers have the supply and buyers are in demand.

The flip side of this of course, id that the best time to sell is also the worst time to buy. There's no magical time of year when you can sell your home for over asking and buy a new one for a song. If the market is up, it's up. So what can you do?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You can have your cake and eat it too. You don't need to buy as soon as you sell. I can list your home for you in late winter / early spring, February / March, while there's still snow on the ground, get it sold for you quickly for the best possible price and request a long closing. You don't have to move for 60, 90, even 120 days. In that time the market heats up, tones more listings come onto the market and you get your pick of the litter knowing you can go in with a firm offer because you have your home under contract, sold for the best possible price. That puts the power back in your hands.

We've got a month, maybe a month and a half of snow left this year.. if you've been thinking about selling, heed this advice; give me a call today and let’s get your home listed and sold quickly for top dollar and put that power back in your hand where it belongs.

I'm Luc Bouillon, a Broker with Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. I live and work right here in the city of Barrie. Thanks for watching.

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