Five Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter

Selling in the winter time has some advantages already, but if you improve your marketability by using these tips, you’ll be steps closer to that ‘sold’ sign.

1. Maintain those walkways
There’s nothing that will turn off your buyer before they’ve even seen the inside of your house like a fall. Make sure you keep your walkways shoveled and appropriately salted to prevent any slips. Your mailman will thank you, too!
2. Clean the clutter
With all the outdoor gear that comes along with winter, it’s easy for your entrance way to get tight with clutter. Make sure all the excess is put away, or put somewhere more appropriate like a garage entrance. Another great way to keep your house clean is to leave a few slippers or paper booties right at the entrance. This will encourage the people visiting your house to keep it clean.
3. Emphasize the coziness
The holidays are a great time to decorate your home and showcase all the wonderfully warm qualities your house has to offer. Leave a few cozy looking throws on the couch and hang a wreath on the door. If you have a fireplace, you don’t have to keep it lit, but arrange it so it could be lit at a moment’s notice.
4. Turn on the lights
It gets dark very quickly in winter, but you want your house to show as well as possible. Turn on those lights and make sure those blinds or drapes are clean and open.
5. Don’t be a ‘Scrooge’ on the heat
Even if you like to save on the heating bills by throwing on an extra sweater to save a few degrees, the people who are visiting your home might not see it like that. Keep your home at a comfortable level for showings, but bear in mind that people usually leave on their coats while house shopping. So, don’t crank the heat up too high either, unless your features include a sauna.

Bonus tip for family homes…
If you have a house with kids, why not go out and build a snowman to greet potential buyers as they come in. It’s a great way to dress up your yard and fun activity for the whole family.

Luc Poirier

Luc Poirier

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