Maintaining Vent Closures can Save Energy in the Home

When properly installed and maintained the various vent closures of the home are designed to exhaust air from systems in the home to the exterior. Cold air may enter the home through the exhaust outlets for clothes dryers, range hoods, bathroom fans and air exchangers.

Here are some basic tips to reduce problems with vent closures.

Install energy saving vent closures at each outlet to reduce cold air infiltration when the dryer or other exhaust fans are not in use.A vent closure requires only a minimum of investment.

A properly installed and sealed vent closure also prevents water infiltration into the walls and exhaust ducts of the home. Vent closures should be installed at least1’ above the grade level to prevent blockage by snow and ice. It is also a good idea to trim shrubs and plants from in front of the vent to prevent interference and blockage.

A vent closure for dryer exhaust should not have any type of screen as it will build up with lint and cause blockage.

The vent closure reduces the risks of insects and small animals entering the home through the dryer exhaust duct or other exhaust ducts.

Check for build-up of grease, dust and dirt and lint that could prevent theshuttle valve from opening and closing properly when the exhaust systemis operating. It is important to check and clean the shuttle valves regularly.For the dryer vent you can simply use a vacuum cleaner.

-courtesy of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections

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