Evidence of a previous fire

One item that ranks high on purchasers' lists of concerns is damage from a previous fire, whether they voice it or not.  The damage from a fire can be severe enough to render the structure unsafe if not properly repaired - a surprise no one needs!

There are some signs we watch for since unfortunately not all homeowners disclose properly and others are unaware of the true history of the home.

There are laws preventing a vendor from knowingly withholding any information that they know can adversely affect the safety of a home, but just as buyers should beware, real estate professionals should also beware of the signs that might indicate there had been a fire in the home.

Know the Signs

One of the biggest places overlooked is the attic – burned attic members, ash and painted attic structure are easy giveaways – that most homeowners and certainly buyers would miss.
Fire Damage
When listing or showing a property, watch for the following signs that a structure may have experienced a fire

Floors / Walls and Ceilings – Watch for new or warped materials, stains or uneven textures

Roof – New shingles on part of the roof, or areas of wear that seem inconsistent with the rest of the roof can be cause for concern. Staining – from smoke – around vents can also be a tipoff.

Exterior – Watch for warped vinyl siding, eaves and soffits, discoloured aluminum siding and trim, stained masonry – particularly above doors and windows, and evidence of sections that have been replaced.

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