Important tips when preparing for Spring

With temperatures set to start rising, the ice and snow that has built up over the winter will start melting and in some cases causing problems. Here are some tips on how to get ready for this without experiencing roof and basement leaks and other unfortunate events.

1. Try and remove the ice or snow that is overhanging your eaves. Do not climb on your roof to do that. Instead use a long tool and a small step ladder and always have safety in mind.

2. Move snow at least one to two feet away from your foundation. This way the snow will not melt directly into your foundation if your slopes are not properly draining away from the house.

3. Clear the snow and ice away from your downspouts. The water will need to flow freely when the snow starts to melt.

4. Clear the snow from inside your window wells. Windows at window wells are prone to leaks. Water may come through the window or rot the wood casings.

5. Clear the snow away from your AC exterior unit when it is pad mounted. The water will cause premature rust on your unit. When deciding to cover the unit, choose material that is recommended by the manufacturer. Plastic, non breathable covers are not recommended.

6. If your driveway has an exterior drain due to its slope, make sure it is clean and clear from debris. The water will need to flow and if the rain is blocked it will flow into your garage.

7. Lastly, make sure your sump pump is operational and the pit is clean. In case you do have a flood, your pump needs to be ready to handle it.

After the snow and ice has melted your home will need a thorough inspection. The Inspection will help make sure that the tough winter we experienced this year has not caused any damages to your roof or any water penetration in your attic and basement.

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