The Advantages of Condo Living.



Official statistics released recently show that the demand for condos is much higher than the former city of Montreal land use plan predicted. Reflected in these stats are the urban dwellers' preference for apartment and condo living instead of the single family unit.

There are many possible reasons for this trend including the fact that more single people are living alone, that couples are more often delaying starting a family and the desired that some people have to downsize post retirement.

But aside from reasons related to demographics, condos are an attractive home ownership option for many other reasons!

Here are some of the numerous advantages of living in a condo instead of a single-family home and consider whether condo living is right for you:

1. Less Expensive than a Single-Family Home

First time buyers who have a limited budget can afford a new condo in the heart of the city while a stand alone home could be financially out of reach.

2. The freedom of the Condo Lifestyle

If you travel for work or pleasure or if you work long hours you are not likely to be excited about doing yard work and house upkeep. "The lock-up-and-go" lifestyle of a condo is what you need.

You won't find the grass knee high after a long business trip, or have to shovel the driveway just to get the car in the garage upon your return from an out-of-town meeting.

3. Security

Condos, especially highrises, offer secured entrances, cameras, security patrols and some even have a security guard on site. Breaks-ins are also rare in highrise buildings, so you won't need a home alarm system, yet you can feel safe at the same time.

4. Community

Many buildings have "common areas" such as gym, party room or swimming pool where unit owners can get together or just chat on occasion. Often, owners will find many things in common with others in the building because they share a similar lifestyle, care about the same building they are living in and enjoy the same neighbourhood amenities.

5. Lower Operating costs

In most condos, the building insurance, building maintenance, the water bill and sometimes the heat and hydro are included in the condo fee. If heating is not included however, it is very inexpensive to heat a 1000 sq ft condo compare to the average 1000 sq ft bungalow because the units around you help to insulate you.

6. Benefits of Home Ownership

Owners of condos benefit from most of the same advantages that home owners do. They can live in it, rent it out, improve it, give it away or borrow money against it.

7. Building and Grounds are Neat and Tidy

The walks are shoveled of snow, the grass is out, the gardening is done, the garbage is picked up and the grounds and hallways are cleaned and maintained. And you don't have to do any of it! Just move in and enjoy!

Montreal has many beautiful established condominium projects to choose from, and even more new condos being built now. If you are interested in condo living, please contact me at: to find out how I can help you choose the right condo for you. Or go to my web page at




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