HST and Real Estate - General Information

The HST tax =13%

Combination of the 8% Provincial Sales Tax and the 5% Federal GST
creating a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

The HST came into effect on July 1, 2010

HST Does apply to: (not a complete list)
 *   The purchase of newly constructed or substantially renovated homes.
 *  The services associated with the purchase of new homes and re‐sale homes
     such as real estate commissions, legal fees, home inspection fees and moving
  * Commercial property rentals and leases.

HST WILL NOT apply to: (not a complete list)

 *  The purchase of re‐sale homes
 *  Sale of housing that has been previously occupied by an individual as a
    place of residence and that is exempt from GST would also be exempt for
    purposes of HST
 *  Residential rent, condominium fees.
 *  Home insurance (which had been subject to provincial tax, but not GST).
 *  Mortgage interest costs.

To help homebuyers and builders better understand HST, the Government has
provided rules for the complete application of the tax

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