Investing in Real Estate – What You Should Know

The facts about Real Estate Investment, you be the Judge!


  • Proven Concept – Just compare investing in Real Estate versus other investments and you will see the difference.  Most common investments can maybe give you a 10% return, whereas the price of Real Estate on average has doubled every 10 years, that’s about a 60% annual return on your money.  FACT 95% of all millionaires made their money through Real Estate investment!


  • Real Estate is a Real Asset – Real Estate can be seen and touched, you have a sense of pride of ownership!  Not just a piece of paper or computer screen


  • Real Estate Offers Great Flexibility - You have control and leverage with your Real Estate investment, meaning you can sell anytime or let it ride while it is increasing in value.  You can also pull out equity and re-invest in more Real Estate, perhaps take the holiday of y our dreams you have been waiting for.  Have a child going to college and need that tuition?  The choice is yours.


  • 3 General Types of Investors – There are 3 types of Real Estate Investors in general, there are your flippers, those who are looking for short term holds, and the Investors that are in it for the big pay out which are the long term holds.


  • Know Your Stuff – The key things to know when purchasing a property are, rents, neighborhoods, how to stay knowledgeable, and land lording.  These are easily accessible by a Real Estate Investment Specialist.


  • What Makes a Great Real Estate Investment? – Location, price, market timing, capital output, as well as the right formula for income and expenses.
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