New Construction - highs, lows, and everything in between

We've been involved in new construction for much of the last 15 years - primarily in the condo market.  Condo sales tend to be quite a cookie cutter production - pick a cupboard door, style and colour of flooring, a paint colour, and off they go.  New house construction is an animal of an entirely different kind and it has been a huge learning curve for everyone involved.  If I've learned one lesson, it's the danger of over promising and under delivering.  At the onset, everyone is excited.  The buyers want the house tomorrow and the builder wants to give it to them tomorrow - but tomorrow is a long way away for a custom built home.  It takes months of construction, making choices, waiting on trades until completion finally happens.  And it rarely seems to happen on time.  By the end of the run, the excitement over building a new home has translated into frustrating delays and disappointments.  We will continue to represent builders because Estevan needs new homes.  We will endeavor to balance the "wish list" of buyers with the reality of what can actually happen in real time.  It was never our intention to disappoint, and I don't believe any of our builders intended to disappoint - and we've worked hard to make things right when things seemed to go wrong.

As I said at the onset, new construction is a completely different animal and it was a huge learning curve for our company.  We will take those lessons, improve service delivery and move forward.  My recommendation to anyone who wants to build new is to plan on a year from start to finish - take your time with the plan, make all your choices, and let the builder have the time it takes to build your dream home - probably 6 to 8 months depending on weather and trade availability.  By doing that, the process will run smoother and demand can meet expectations.




Lynn Chipley

Lynn Chipley

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