Summer Games Lifted Spirits

Over the last few weeks before the games, the radio was frantically calling on volunteers to sign up.  From what I could see, at the venues I participated in, there were more than enough bodies.  But they were more than bodies - they were passionate, friendly, excited citizens who gave their all, and then some.  I was tasked with umpiring tennis, and when I arrived at 8 a.m. the other volunteers were already onsite.  When I left at the end of a long day, around 8 p.m., some of those same volunteers were tucking the venue in for the night.  I marvelled at their stamina and gracious giving.  The Games spoke volumes about the kind of people we are in Estevan, and I am very proud to count myself among you.  

Business over the last 2 years has been challenging, so the Games provided a positive place to support youth from around the province, mingle with some great people who travelled here with them, and just not think about work for a couple of days.

Hats off to the organizing committee.  Well done, and the legacy left - a beautiful track and revitalized tennis courts among them - was worth the effort.  Kids who had never held a racquet in their lives just 2 months ago, found passion in a sport they can play into their 80's.  And 2 of them even won Gold.!  There will be stories like that from track as well.  My husband, who hasn't been on Boundary Dam for years, had a ball working with the kayak/canoe group.  It was just a terrific event made possible by a group of terrific people.  Thanks for the memories.


Lynn Chipley

Lynn Chipley

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