Time to Renovate Your Bathroom?

So you've finally made up your mind! You will have the bathroom of your dreams and it will be perfect! Did you know that the cost of bathroom renovations will be fully recovered when it's time to sell the property? That is, of course, if the layout and plan have been carried out properly and the finished product is pleasing to the eye.


Not so long ago, most homes possessed a single, strictly functional bathroom and very little emphasis was placed on the decor. Well, those days are definitely gone! The bathroom has now been elevated to the same rank as any other room in the house. Some people will accept no less than a veritable spa that will erase all memories of that old cramped space, while for others, the simple goal of a bathroom renovation is to render this most frequented room more user-friendly. 

Before heading to the store, take the time to anaalyze your bathroom and determine what results you wish to obtain. Evaluate all the possibilities that your home has to offer. If the bathroom is too small, can you use an adjacent room to enlarge it? Is the present room so badly laid out that you can't even fully open a cupboard door without hitting the toilet? Or perhaps you'll only decide to make but a few simple modifications to upgrade your bathroom.

While planning your made-to-measure bathroom, you'll also need to choose a decorating style: traditional, contemporary or rustic? The choice is important as it will influence your choice of faucets, light fixtures, and color scheme. Ask yourself what you want to add to the bathroom: a separate shower and bath? More storage space under the sink? Isn't disorder a chronic problem in this particular room? You may want to add a few more light sources. And why not improve the ventilation?

 You can choose do it yourself or hire a contractor. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate the time and money aspects that will vary according to the decision you make. Of course any decision will have an impact on your wallet. Your renovations will be less expensive if you do the work yourself and if, for example, you don't need to relocate the pipes and air vents.

The planning done, you're now ready to the store to choose the items that will make that new bathroom a reality, maybe a luxurious retreat for you alone or a highly efficient space for the entire family. You can then make choices such as a stainless steel or a porcelain sink. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the properties of Corian and granite counters and the colours available. And what about the vast selection of bathroom faucets and accessories?

Remodel your bathroom with style!

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