Start With A Strong Foundation!

It seems that selling real estate in the Gatineau Hills and on waterfront go hand in hand with seeing and dealing a lot with CRACKED FOUNDATIONS!

Let's face it, to get those houses so close to the lake or up on the hills perched up on the side of a cliff for that unbelievable view doesn't make the most building sense and can cause issues down the road. I have walked into a few properties that have looked down right scary!

So what do you do when you come across the place of your dreams but has a foundation issue? Do you run away?

Well I happened to run into 2 very real scenarios this summer both on Lac Gauvreau in La Peche, Quebec. In both cases the building inspector definitely identified the foundation concern and recommended the buyers getting a second opinion from a foundation expert. We called in one of my go to, local contractors who specializes in block foundations to check it out.

It turns out that not all foundation problems warrant running for the hills!

He clearly identified the work that needed to be done to fix the issue and on we went with the negotiations. I find that as long as you have good, professional people backing you so that both the sellers and the buyers know what they are getting themselves into, makes a lot of intimidating situations not so intimidating. In both scenarios this summer the buyers went a head with their purchases.

In fact, I just recently received an e-mail from one of these clients thanking me for the reference of the "foundation guy" and assuring me that he did a "super job!"

If anyone out there needs a recommendation for a foundation expert drop us, The Taylor Smith Team a line and I am now extra confident that we have a good one to recommend!