Dressing your House


® System objective is to sell your home at the best  

price possible in the shortest amount of time. Highlighting the features of

your home is very important if you want to sell close to your asking price

and as quickly as possible.

Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale. This

guide will help you highlight your home’s best features in ways that appeal

to your prospective home buyers’ senses and emotions. It includes great

interior-design ideas and home-improvement tips. Staged homes are

perceived as comfortable, attractive and well cared for, and have been

proven to sell faster and for more money.

The indoors


You can start out by setting your home’s fragrance, since it is the first

sense they will encounter upon entering your home. This is your opportunity

to make a big statement in small area. Make your foyer welcoming by featuring

a natural flower arrangement and continue with smaller arrangements

throughout the house. What you need to avoid is strong pet, cooking and

tobacco odors. Having pleasant music playing in the background will also

help set your stage. 



Clean and spruce up all rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings.

Remove knickknacks from tables, countertops and bookshelves. Remove all

unnecessary furniture to make your rooms seem more spacious. Brighten

rooms with a fresh coat of paint. Choose neutral shades of white, off-white,

beige or light pastels that will coordinate with most decors. Give your

home an open, airy feel by opening the curtains and pulling up

the blinds. Turn on as many lights as possible.




Kitchens should be absolutely spotless. Remove excess kitchen

appliances. Make sure all major appliances are working. Clean the oven and

refrigerator inside and out. Remove magnets from the refrigerator door.

Bathrooms are just as important. Remove stains from bathroom fixtures,

repair dripping faucets and polish mirrors. Add sanitizers to toilet bowls and

keep lids down. Wash and fluff bathroom rugs, hang fresh towels. Potpourri

and scented soaps add a nice fragrance to the air.





Same principle applies to the bedrooms. Remove all unnecessary

furniture and give it a fresh coat of paint. Keep all closets organized and

uncluttered. Pack away out of season clothing and holiday stuff to make

your closets seem more spacious.




These spaces are important because it shows potential additional storage

space in the house. To keep the entire house uncluttered, most of

the packed boxes will end up in one of these two spaces (basement or garage).

With this in mind, it is important to keep these spaces clean and organized.

Make sure that all stored items are neatly organized and out of the

potential buyer’s way giving them ample space to move around the room.

If it’s possible, try to keep the car space in the garage free of items to give

the potential buyers the opportunity to picture their own car in the space.

Ask your sales associate for additional tips on getting your home ready

to sell. Also, let your sales associate show the house. He or she knows the

business and will present your property to its best advantage. Plus, potential

buyers usually feel more comfortable when the seller is not present.




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