Now is a great time to buy or sell!!!!!!!! Why????


® Sales Representative can help


Despite recent slowdowns in some markets, housing

remains a good long-term investment, and demographic

demand favors housing over the long term.

Homeownership offers immediate benefit value.

Homeowners accumulate wealth for the future

while enjoying the benefits and Long-termfits of a shelter that they

can use i
mprove and sell.

  •  Is Now The Right Time For Your New Home?














The best way to start is to work with a professional

who can guide you







- your CENTURY 21® Sales Representativegives





Sales Representative can helpyou’re buying or selling a home.



When Buying a Home


CENTURY 21 Sales Representative can guide you









  • Eliminating your fear, uncertainty and


doubt is c

learly one of our primary goals.



  • Look at all styles and sizes of homes. Shopping

    online is a great way to help determine what your ‘ideal’ home is.




  • Begin your home search process by eliminating what type of homes purchase will be for a ‘starter’ or ‘long-term’ home
  • Ddetermine what type of mortgage is best suited for your needs.





 Look At What You Can Afford!!!!!!!!!

Get a general idea of your buying power in today’s market with this

worksheet. Remember that income, debt, credit history, credit scores and financing needs are also factors that impact what you can afford.
  • Selling Your Current Home

What Is Right For You?

Working with a CENTURY 21 help you navigate today’s market.

Are you dreaming about buying or selling a home? We believe that the dynamics of the market today actually benefit consumers in ways that the bull housing market of a couple years ago did not. Finding the right real estate agent can make you a savvy consumer and improve your overall experience.

Here’s why a CENTURY 21



• We are ready and able to make a full-time commitment to

your goal!!!

• As Real Estate Professionals we can help identify mortgage

specialists who can assist you with your financing.


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family. We strive every day to deliver unsurpassed

market intelligence and insights, and use our

strengths to help you successfully buy and sell real

estate. We embrace your goals and are committed

to achieving them. Our network is your edge: More

than 60 countries and territories, 8,800 offices and 145,000

Sales Representatives worldwide. CENTURY 21: The Gold Standard.

yehat Sales Representative is right for you: 

• Technology gives us an edge - you’ll enjoy the resources available

  • Current Market Value
  • Amount owed + Seller Closing Costs
  • Estimated GROSS Proceeds
  • Purchasing Your New Home
  • GROSS Proceeds available for downpayment
  • Additional Funds available for Purchase
  • Buyer Closing Costs
  • Downpayment
  • Estimate how much house you can afford -
  • multiply your downpayment by 5.

    • There are a few general rules of thumb that a

    What’s the first step?

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