Alberta becomes first province to embrace EcoAction

(TORONTO, September 10, 2008) The Government of Alberta and Earth Day Canada (EDC)

have established a new collaboration to help Albertans take environmental action in their homes.

EDC's EcoAction Teams (EAT) and Alberta Environment's One Simple Act (OSA) programs

are working together to build environmental awareness and conservation in every Alberta home.

The initiative is designed to further sustainable behaviour in communities across Alberta and

establish a conservation mindset throughout the province.

An important component of Alberta's One Simple Act is Earth Day Canada's sophisticated

online, self-administered conservation calculator. Loaded with simple and easy-to-understand

tips, Albertans can find the resources they need to reduce their home heating and cooling, water

and electricity use while saving money and the environment. Individual and household

participants will quickly learn how simple everyday environmental action can have a big impact

in support of a healthier environment.

"We are very excited about our partnership with Earth Day Canada. The household conservation

calculator will allow Albertans to see exactly what kind of impact making one simple act can do

for the environment - and their wallets," said Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner. "It's a

great way for Albertans to see tangible results for their environmental actions and to encourage

them to do even more."

The robust program walks you through steps you can take to reduce your energy and water use,

waste, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As a major component of Alberta

Environment's OSA program, the calculator enables individual, household and team participants

to track their savings at the household, municipal and provincial level. With a click of a button

the program produces tailored reports, measuring savings, in terms of greenhouse gas emission

reductions, water, waste and energy savings, as well as money, based on the simple

environmental actions participants have committed to.

"Earth Day Canada and the Government of Alberta are responding to and supporting Albertans

who are committed to a sustainable future," said Jed Goldberg, President of Earth Day Canada.

"Together, as more households commit to simple environmental action, we are measuring results

and creating a culture and mindset of conservation--a mindset all Canadian communities need to

embrace. I applaud the Province of Alberta for being the first province to commit to EcoAction."

Partnering with the Province of Alberta and the OSA program is the latest development for Earth

Day Canada's EcoAction Teams program. Cities such as Ontario's Waterloo and Town of Blue

Mountains, New Brunswick's Moncton and Alberta's Grand Prairie and Sylvan Lake have all

signed agreements to engage their citizens in simple lifestyle changes that add up to a big impact.

And more cities are in the process of signing on. It is expected that more than 25 cities and towns

across Canada will implement the program by April 22 (Earth Day) 2009. For more program

information or to join an EcoAction Team, please visit

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